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Re: [p2-dev] Using p2 provisioning actions and touchpoints

I've got a Custom Touchpoint handler that I've munged together, it is used to execute a binary file that's attached to the plugin.

If you want to see the code for that I could put it up somewhere for you.


On 12-07-30 01:13 PM, Taylor, Kristina wrote:

Awesome, thank you Christian, that worked.  I missed the part about escaping colons in the doc, but I see it now.


I have one other question.  What is the ${installFolder} that is referred to in a few places?  It says on the Eclipse reference page that it is the “root folder for this profile”, but I have no idea what that means.  Is this the plugin’s installed location in <eclipse root>/plugins/com.foo.whatever, or is it the Eclipse install root?  Is there a way to get access to any other variables, like the workspace location or anything like that?





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Hi  Kristina,


You shouldn’t use quotes (") in your action arguments. In addition, if you have colon characters, they should be represented in their escaped format (${#58}) since that character is the key-value delimiter.


It should look like:

instructions.configure=unzip(source:C ${#58}/data/somefile.zip,target:C ${#58}/data/somedirectory);


Hope that helps,





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Subject: [p2-dev] Using p2 provisioning actions and touchpoints


I’m trying to use the p2 provisioning actions and touchpoints on plugin install, but I can’t seem to get anything to happen (and no errors are being logged).


My goal is to be able to unzip a file somewhere (preferably a user-configurable location).  A nice-to-have would be to be able to run some additional java code afterwards.  The native touchpoint’s “unzip” provisioning action seemed like a great place to start, but I can’t work out how to get it to work.  Here’s my p2.inf (I figured I would start with hard-coded values, and work my way up from there):




Both locations already exist.  Am I missing something obvious, or maybe this just doesn’t work in Juno?  Do I need to also add anything to my plugin.xml or Manifest.mf?


I’ve read (and tried various things from) all of the following:






Since I couldn’t get the built-in ones to work, I figured I would try using the projects in the example, and after I fixed some compile issues due to changes in locations of classes, and added these plugins to a feature and an update site, again, nothing happens on install (I modified the code to log an error, then create a file somewhere, still nothing):



This is unrelated to this particular mailing list, but in reality, my end goal is to create a server adapter that is installable from a zip embedded in the plugin, but I want my server to be recognized as a Virgo server so that we can leverage the Virgo tooling.  It’s really virgo+some extras.


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