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[p2-dev] Preserving update path for feature that is moved/refactored


I posted to the p2-dev forum and didn't see any response so I thought I would try here as well.

I am in the midst of moving a feature and its plug-ins (Autotools) from the Linux Tools project into the CDT. I have looked into supporting old projects created with the old pre-refactored plug-ins and it is feasible. Supporting old projects would be desirable since there can be a number of configurations associated with the project and currently converting the project over destroys this data.

What I am thinking of doing is to create a shell Autotools feature that requires the new CDT version of the plug-ins. When a user tries to update via the Linux Tools update site, they will end up requiring the new version of CDT that contains the Autotools functionality. I need to create a shell plug-in as well that specifies the previous builder id and ties this to the new CDT class as the builder extension automatically adds in the plug-in portion of the id.

Conceivably I could include the shell feature and plug-in both in CDT itself and with Linux Tools so that there would be no way of ending up with both old and new versions present at the same time (duplicate UI widgets such as menus).

Is there a better p2 way of doing this to ensure updating works properly?


-- Jeff J.

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