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[p2-dev] How to update feature based products

Hi folks, 

I've got a feature based product containing 5 features. I would like to update or uninstall each feature separately. But first I would like to know what's installed. Using the following query I only get the product as a IU result but I can't see my 5 features:
OperationFactory operationFactory = new OperationFactory();
IQueryResult<IInstallableUnit> listInstalledElements = operationFactory
.listInstalledElements(true, monitor);
Set<IInstallableUnit> ius = listInstalledElements.query(
QueryUtil.createIUGroupQuery(), null).toSet();

I already tried to change the query to: QueryUtil.createIUAnyQuery() but this did not help either. I'm using Eclipse PDE to build my feature based product.


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