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Re: [p2-dev] JRE installable units in P2 repositories

These IUs are here to satisfy the requirements that bundles can express on some of the packages coming out of the JREs and thus not fail the resolution.
They are surely not necessary in all repos and should only suffice in repos that contain products, but way back it was sufficient to generate them all the time.

There is no magic as to which IU is going to be picked. Either the version is referred to from an IU or p2 just pick the one with the highest number. The ideal fix for this would be to have p2 at install time figure out the JRE and use the IU or create one on the fly. This is somethin we intended to fix in Juno but seems to be at risk (

On 2011-11-19, at 7:20 AM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:

> What is the reason all P2 repositories appear to contain installable
> unit that represents a JRE installation, i.e. IU with id="a.jre" that
> provides packages of the JRE? How can repository "know" JRE of its clients?
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> Igor
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