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Re: [p2-dev] Inconsistent custom action behavior



Eventually I found out that this problem was not caused by p2 in any way.


I have attached a debugger to the machine showing this problem and found out that the extension point declaring the custom action was not being retrieved in ActionManager.getActionMap().

From there, I determined that a JVM conflict was preventing the action plugin from being started – leaving it in the “installed” state as Eclipse was being mistakenly run on a 1.5 JVM while the plugin requires 1.6.


Note that I got no visible error about the failing constraint, the only hint was that the plugin was listed in the Eclipse configuration, but not in the available plugins list. Starting Eclipse using –console and trying to start the bundle manually displayed the actual error.


Hope this can help someone struggling with a similar problem!


Kind regards,


/Mario Pierro



From: Mario Pierro
Sent: den 15 november 2011 14:42
To: 'p2-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Inconsistent custom action behavior




I am trying to execute a custom action during installation of a feature in the Eclipse CDT distribution. While this works correctly in most cases, I am finding that on some machines the installation results in the following error:


"An error occurred while configuring the installed items session context was:(profile="" phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Configure,

operand=null --> [R]



No action found for: com.iar.installer.arm.resetDsfStepDelay.

No action found for: com.iar.installer.arm.resetDsfStepDelay."


The action is declared in the following p2.inf file





and the plugin containing the action itself (com.iar.installer.arm) declares it like this





















The p2.inf file for the feature requiring the action is






As I mentioned, this works correctly in most cases, but on some machines it fails with the reported error. As the plugins are unsigned, I can see the p2 dialog asking for unsigned install twice: first for the plugin containing the action and its dependencies, and then for the feature requiring the action.

After the error has appeared, the plugin containing the action and its dependencies are installed, while the feature using the action has not.


As this is the first time I am using custom p2 actions, I am unsure whether I am doing things in the correct way. There seems to be no specific system configuration which is associated to the failure.


Thanks for your help!


/Mario Pierro

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