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[p2-dev] Relaxed constraint resolution mode

I spent a bunch of time testing our 'Relaxed Constraint Resolution Mode' (i.e. Feeling lucky). I found a few problems.

1. A UI State Problem: Because there are several ways to walk through the p2 wizard, it was possible to get the button not Selected, while the action actually was selected (the button actually appears on two different pages).  I fixed this problem.

2. Updating and installing cause problems:  If you update some IUs and Install new things too, the new things get dropped. However, we tell the user they are being installed.  This is a bug in how we setup the RelaxedConstraintProvisioningOperation.

3. A bug in the operation: I'm pretty sure there is a bug in the actual operation.  I need to talk to Pascal to understand what the intention is, but it appears that we drop IUs in some case (if they were not roots before).

I fixed #1, but number 2 and 3 are still issues. Because of this, I disabled the button for tomorrows build [1]  (and likely for M3).  I simply made the button not visible, so it will be very easy to re-enable it next week.  The reason I'm reluctant to release the change is because we actually mess around with the users profile. I don't want to release something that users will use, and leave themselves in a bad state.  Also, I didn't bother submitting it to the N&N, since it would look silly if it wasn't actually there.



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