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Re: [p2-dev] Question on -configuration argument for shared install

Hello Domenico,

Did you try playing with those arguments ?



It would specify the p2 profile to consider when starting your runtime (so that p2 knows what is installed/not installed)





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Hi All,


Actually my question in the end is, instead of specifying -configuration, is there an argument that can create the .eclipse folder somewhere else, and this holds the p2 and configuration directory?





From: Domenico Alessi
Sent: October-25-11 3:40 PM
To: 'P2 developer discussions'
Subject: Question on -configuration argument for shared install

Hi All,


Today when I start eclipse for example like this in a shared install:


eclipse -configuration /a/b/c


The "c" folder will hold the configuration and the "b" folder will have the p2 folder created.  Is there a way to specify where the p2 folder is created?  The reason I ask is that I did the following:



eclipse -configuration /a/b/c  , then installed plugin A


I then did


eclipse -configuration /a/b/d.  I see that plugin A is not there according to the features tab in installation details of "d", but because both "c" and "d" sharing the "b" p2 directory,  the "installed software" tab thinks that plugin A is installed when it is not.







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