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Re: [p2-dev] ECF filetransfer contribuiton for m3

Hi Folks,

As requested, ECF has produced a new release build and updated the bug. Please see here

for incorporation into p2 integration build...for testing as discussed on


On 9/26/2011 11:24 AM, Scott Lewis wrote:
As Pascal requested, here is a bug for coordinating the build and incorporation of the connection-reuse enhancement into p2/Equinox:

Further, here is the ECF enhancement for creating a provider based upon httpclient 4.1 that Pascal referred to:

WRT to the actual integration and use of new providers (i.e. httpclient 4.1, if that's what is desired):

ECF contributor Thomas Joiner has already implemented an ECF provider based upon httpclient 4.1...see Based upon my understanding, httpclient 4.1 should/could solve a number of outstanding issues with httpclient 3.1 (which the ECF filetransfer is currently based upon)...including better/non-workaround support for NTLM v2 proxing...better support for proxies in general...among other things.

Realistically...I expect, however, that the new provider could have regressions of it's own...that may take some amount of testing and debugging...perhaps only to be detected when testing/using milestone releases prior to 3.8. Before ECF/I start the integration, I will need commitment from the p2/Equinox team that there will be some support for helping to test and debug the new provider, as otherwise ECF does not currently have resources to commit to this. The good news, of course, is that we can always continue to use the existing providers (httpclient 3.1 or the JRE-provider)...or fall back to them at any time if needed...via a simple switch.

So...before beginning the integration and testing of the work on bug 251740...if this is important enough to the p2 team...that it be added as an explicit plan item...and that resources be identified to assist in the testing.

One other question: I believe that httpclient 4.1 and the provider are both dependent upon JRE 1.5 (I haven't looked yet at exactly where yet).

Another possibility is to create a provider based upon Jetty Client (some/appropriate recent version). But if this were preferred there would have to be some resource identified to create the ECF provider (not a difficult chore technically, but obviously takes familiarity with Jetty client api).



On 9/23/2011 8:38 AM, Scott Lewis wrote:

In order to reduce time and space costs for filetransfer, ECF has recently added support for httpclient connection reuse

This change is in great need of regression testing 'in the wild' (i.e. with a variety of proxy environments, other network environs, etc). We have done all the testing that we have available to us, and I think now would be a good time to get it into m3. Note that there is a new system prop to disable the connection case some major regression arises.

Now that p2 is consuming from ECF's repos, how should this contribution/integration proceed? (as we don't yet have it in an ECF release...since it's been released since our 3.5.2 release in August).


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