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[p2-dev] Shell Script Running Eclipse - Blue in the Face Help!

Hello Everyone,

I am using the following script to run eclipse:

exec ./eclipse -bundlepool ../bundlepool/ \
	-vmargs \	
	-Dosgi.configuration.area=@user.home/.eclipse/@eclipseproduct/configuration/ \
	-Dosgi.checkConfiguration=true \
	-Dosgi.sharedConfiguration.area=configuration/ \
	-Dosgi.sharedConfiguration.area.readOnly=true \

Least important, the "@eclipseproduct" annotation, no longer gives
eclipseproduct? I also have
bundlepool set to a directory that contains plugins/, features/, and
dropins/. When running the
script I am receiving:

cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The bundlepool path is correct. When I copy plugins/ features/ and
dropins/ back into the eclipse install directory, everything is fine.
config.ini is untouched.

Also, is it possible for the cascaded functionality to support two
sets of plugins/, features/ etc...?
As in our case we have:

(Managed by root, not user writable)

       --- plugins/
       --- features/
       --- dropins/

along with,

(Managed by users)

       --- plugins/
       --- features/
       --- dropins/

Both cascaded list of plugins and features would be available  to the
user, and only the second set could be managed by them. I am not
sure if this is possible however, my first issue with the bundlepool
is kind of getting to me.

Thanks in Advance,


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