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[p2-dev] Binary artifacts not get created in the published repository

Hi devs,

I have a features and a plugins setup. Using
FeaturesAndBundlesPublisher i created a p2-repo. It all works fine.

Now i want to copy a configuration file using a p2 touchpoint. In a
previous post[1] in this mailing list Shenol Yosuf has suggested
adding a file to the feature so that the
configuration files get installed in to root of the install.

However this mechanism is not working for me. When I looked in to the
published p2-repo I noticed that there is no binary direcory with

Here is my features and plugins structure which I use as the source to

|-- features
|   `-- example-feature_0.1.0.201107211958
|       |--
|       |-- conf
|       |   `-- sample.xml
|       |-- feature.xml
|       |-- META-INF
|       |   `-- MANIFEST.MF
|       `-- p2.inf
`-- plugins
    `-- example-bundle-

in the file I have given the property,


I want to install sample.xml file to the root of the eclipse installation.

Any idea, why there is no binary directory in my published p2-repo. ?


thanks in advance,

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