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[p2-dev] query performance

I find the performance of using query language has great downgrade if querying a repository with a great number of IUs. I'm not sure whether it's a common case, at least it does in my case.

I already have a list of non-installed root and group IUs, I want to query the non-installed IUs from repository that are required by those root and group IUs.

I compare the different three methods to query different size of IUs. They are using Provisioning planner to resolve and query the required IUs, query language and a way to use for loop.

I publish my methods as a document[1], and query benchmark as a spreadsheet[2].

Actually I prefer to use query language, the code looks like much cleaner. Does anybody know why query language is quite slow to handle with the great number of IUs, or how to tune my query expression?

[1] [2]

Mengxin Zhu

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