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Re: [p2-dev] Problem updating singleton plugins with p2

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your answer!

I had to start my question with the note that I am far from being a p2/PDE expert. So I read your answer and the two blogs very carefully for several times. I even tried to read the comments of the second article. And still can't figure out how can I work around the issue

Here is what I got:

1) The RCP app which feature I am trying to update has declared a versioned dependency on the 'update' feature
2) I come with a product that contains newer version of that feature
3) p2 complains about that

There are two possible solutions for the issue: by using p2.inf file to specify my feature's dependencies or by creating a special plugin.xml along one of my plugins.

However, I feel confused as besides the lack of that special plugin.xml my product looks quite similar to the one underĀ

So could you please advise me where should I start from?


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