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Re: [p2-dev] P2 UI without a workbench

I looked through the code of the p2.ui bundle and I have to confirm that your observations are correct: p2 needs the workbench.
However I'm no familiar enough in the internals of the workbench to know if there are some sort of tricks that you could play to avoid the window.
You may want to ask in the platform newsgroup.

On 2011-07-07, at 9:29 AM, Erik Vanherck wrote:



I just want to confirm that when I want to run the P2 ui in an RCP application that doesn’t start the workbench (standalone wizard), I will have to write my own ?


We ship an application which gets installed into a read-only /opt or program files quite often. It contains 2 workbench applications, several standalone dialogs/wizards and even headless servers and command line tools. In some cases this install is shared between multiple users so to effectively install extra plugins they need to be added in the installation location.


For that reason, we need a standalone update/install tool that asks for “Administrative Elevation” and disable the p2 profile in the other applications. It can’t be the full tools as those will touch files which will then become read-only for the user afterwards. Ideally I would like the user experience to be as close to the Discovery UI for desktop users and the Install/Update UI for the advanced developer roles since there are also users who install the applications inside existing eclipse, rational, .. workbenches.


However I’m having no luck using either of them. The UI is visible but much of the actions throw exceptions or don’t work properly without a workbench. I’ve been looking around for other examples which may have the same use case but I kind of drew a blank.


PS: for someone who has been active with the update manager, the pre-release p2 and plenty of other installation techs, the helios/indigo p2 stuff really shines. Job well done guys ;)


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