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Re: [p2-dev] OS Specific Features and UpdateSites

In 3.7, we've added the ability to filter the content of the dialog using filters contained in the feature.
The filtering is done based on the information contained in the "supported environments" section of the feature. Attached is an example with a feature for mac and another one for linux.

Despite this support, I tend to prefer having one feature that includes all the platform specific bundles like it is done for SWT in the org.eclipse.rcp feature just because it is easier to build (just one build) and manage. 


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On 2011-06-15, at 11:34 AM, Deric Panet-Raymond wrote:

> Hello,
>    Is there a way to setup an UpdateSite such that it only shows the features in the UpdateSite that are available for the users OS?  I have a set of features that are identical but have some OS specific functionality, I'd like to have one UpdateSite for all of my users but when they connect I only want them to see the feature that they can install based on their OS type. I tried to use the Supported Environments Filter in the feature.xml Overview, but it prevents me from building the feature for any other OS except the one I'm currently running, so I don't get the other OS specific versions of the feature in my UpdateSite.
> Thanks.
> Deric.
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