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Re: [p2-dev] How to turn of the security warning during a feature installation

Hi Samuel, 

I had the same problem while invoking the update operation programmatically. To overcome this issue the P2 community suggested to override UIService within the ProvisioningAgent: 

 * This service forces P2 not to open a validation dialog ("...you're installing
 * untrusted content..."). Otherwise the dialog will block headless RCP
 * applications during install/update operations.
 * @author e.reiswich
 * @date 2011-02-14
public class ValidationDialogService extends UIServices {

private final Logger LOGGER = Logger

public AuthenticationInfo getUsernamePassword(String location) {
// nothing yet
return null;

public AuthenticationInfo getUsernamePassword(String location,
AuthenticationInfo previousInfo) {
// nothing yet
return null;

public TrustInfo getTrustInfo(Certificate[][] untrustedChain,
String[] unsignedDetail) {
LOGGER.info("TrustedInfo overridden");
boolean trustUnsigned = true;
boolean persistTrust = true;

Certificate[] trusted = new Certificate[0];
TrustInfo trustInfo = new TrustInfo(trusted, trustUnsigned,
return trustInfo;

* This method will override the default UIServices instance within the
* provisioning agent. This will prevent the blocking "...you're installing
* untrusted content..." dialog to appear.
* @param agent
*            The P2 provisioning agent.
public void bindProvisioningAgent(IProvisioningAgent agent) {
LOGGER.info("ValidationDialogService: UIServices overridden");
agent.registerService(UIServices.SERVICE_NAME, this);


The IProvisioningAgent instance is retrieved using DS.


Am 27.05.2011 um 14:35 schrieb Samuel Wu:

Hello there,
When install a feature, we got the following security warning since we didn't sign the feature we built. It's quite annoying. Is there a way to turn it off? Thanks.

Best Regards

Samuel Wu

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