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[p2-dev] M7 bugs

Forwarding this message for Tom who seems to be having mail problems...


We are heading into M7 next week.  Please note that the first warmup build is happening Thursday (Tomorrow!).  See http://www.eclipse.org/eclipse/platform-releng/buildSchedule.html

p2 currently has over 100 bugs marked for 3.7.  My assumption is that a vast majority of these bugs are not going to be looked at for 3.7.  Who from the p2 team can go through these bugs and assign them appropriately?  If any bug is assigned to you then please evaluate if it is going into 3.7 or not and assign the milestone (or drop it) as appropriate.  Keep in mind that after M7 the rules for releasing bug fixes becomes more tight.  Please see http://eclipse.org/equinox/planning/freeze_plan_3.7.php.