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Re: [p2-dev] nested categories with CategoryPublisher


Seems that nobody knows? Maybe this issue is of interest for sombody else, so here what I found out meanwhile:

1) Composite repos cannot get categories injected.

2) The tricky workaround for that is, to have one child repo in the composite which does the categorization.

3) You cannot use CategoryPublisher for this child-category-repo, because CategoryPublisher seems to build only categories for artifacts it can find. And at runtime of CategoryPublisher the artifacts of the other child repos are unknown. So at the end it does all-in-all notghing.

4) Finally I came to the point, editing the content.xml file of the category repo by hand. A brief description can be found here: http://relengofthenerds.blogspot.com/2009/05/categories-with-composite-repos.html This is a kind of trial-and-error development, but finally it works. BTW: the referenced names are the id's of the unites in the child content files.


            Von:        Laslov Dieter DEA sIT
            Gesendet:   Freitag, 25. März 2011 12:15
            An: 'p2-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx'
            Betreff:    nested categories with CategoryPublisher

Hello There!

New to this list, I hope I'm right here?

My issue is that I have to  build up a composite reository which joins some standard repos (emf...) and some with our own stuff too. To make the composite repo user friendly, categorizing is necessary, e.g. I want to make a category "Eclipse Modeling" containing all the existing modelling categories. Also our own categories should be organized by nesting.

I saw on other repos on the Web that hirarchical catogories are possible, but how can I do that with the CategoryPublisher?

ThanX in advance, cheers,