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Re: [p2-dev] use of dropins support in rcp app?

Hi DJ,

On 3/24/2011 5:59 AM, DJ Houghton wrote:

Hi Scott,

We did have some problems in the past where the bundles were already loaded and the fragments only worked on the 2nd invocation [1] as well as recently where the fragments were providing translations to the fragment.xml file (rather than for Java code) [2] but both those issues should be resolved.

Currently, 3.6.2 is being used as the target platform...so perhaps [2] (or some other older problem) is an issue. I will try on 3.7 stream today.

Is the ProfileChangeRequest being created corrected? The method #getAllIUsFromRepos() is also interesting because it should be including your drop-ins folder (and new IUs) in its search.

I will debug into the publisher BundleAction execution today. I may also open a bug and attach a trivial RCP app that shows the problem...so that others can reproduce.