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[p2-dev] How to locally change/patch an official plugin/feature?

Hello everyone,

I'd like to fix a bug in an official eclipse plugin (org.eclipse.jsdt.jsp.core, part of the WTP).
I locally changed the source code and debugged it - everything works fine.

Now I'd like to propagate this change to my eclipse installation, but I am facing problems.

To achieve this I created and installed a feature patch.

The feature patch has been installed successfully but -unfortunately - not the included patched plugin.
The original/unpatched version of the plugin is still installed and active according to the "Eclipse Installation Details".
When looking at the plugins folder I cannot see the jar of the patched plugin.

I'd like to know:
- Why? what I am doing wrong?
- Does this something have to do with signing of the official plugins?
- Is there a log to see why the patched plugin has not been installed?
- Is a feature patch the best way to locally modify an official eclipse plugin/feature?

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you and best regards,