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Re: [p2-dev] Shared install of RCP applications

In Eclipse context, shared install has a very specific meaning. It refers to the case where the *complete* eclipse install is made available for several users to share. This is for example what happens when Eclipse is installed by the root user of a linux system and the normal users just use eclipse..

What the installer does is called "bundle pooling". bundle pooling consists in sharing the bundles between multiple eclipse installs. For example my IDE and my RCP app could both use the same bundles on disk rather than having each their copy. Note that in this case, if my eclipse install moves to a new version of platform, the RCP app is not forced to move nor does it even know about it.

What do you want to share, who is it shared with, what are the benefits you are trying to get?
How would this "shared" thing get created?

On 2011-03-01, at 10:44 AM, David Orme wrote:

> (Hopefully) quick question, but one for which I haven't found much documentation:
> What is considered the usual way for creating a shared install of an RCP application where P2 updates go to the user's home directory / Windows profile?
> I've found the P2 installer, and successfully gotten this to work for an entire Eclipse IDE, but didn't see how to make this work for an RCP application.  My natural next step would be to rip apart the P2 installer's source code and work out what it's doing, but before I take that step, I wanted to see if there is a better / more approved / simpler way of accomplishing the same thing?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dave Orme
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