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[p2-dev] Question on P2 touchpoint action variable usage

I have some custom touchpoints, and I would like to create generic/re-usable IUs with the variable parameters factored out, so that I can just generate simpler IUs/IU-fragments that encapsulate the generic IU's and only need to provide the actual value for the parameters.

I am thinking of using property for the touchpoint action parameter values in the generic IU's and filling in these property values in the encapsulating IUs/IU-fragments. 

Here is an example.  This might not be very useful example, but just for the purpose of illustrating what I want to do. We have a custom touchpoint action in one IU:
  execScript(scriptPath:/opt/myapp/launcher, args:${myAppArgs});

and I will provide the actual value for ${myAppArgs} in another IU as property.

Is there any problem with this approach? Will it work? The problem I have is that I haven't been able to construct an IU that properly injects the value for the 'myAppArgs' variable.

Your helps and advices would be greatly appreciated.