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Re: [p2-dev] Subsystem provisioning

I'm not completely familiar with Virgo or the fwk hooks, but the first thing that comes to mind when I hear subsystem is "isolation" and "conflicting dependencies", in the sense that each subsystem is relatively isolated from each other, and can therefore have dependencies that are conflicting with each others (e.g. two different version of the same singletons). Is this correct?

Consequently, when I look at this from a p2 standpoint, the first question that comes to mind is how are we going to do dependency resolution? Also in a more advanced scenario how do the two subsystem evolve?

The second question that I have is more closely related to the runtime in the sense that how does the framework know what to put in each "subsystem" ? Does each subsystem need to be in its own bundles.info file, or should they actually be merged in one? Where does the description on how to configure come from?

Finally what is interesting about this usecase is that, though the runtime aspect seems to relate to OSGi and fwk hooks, the more general usecase goes around how to describe / provision multiple applications (e.g. if I wanted to install m2e and maven in one shot, or if I wanted to install all of RAD that is composed of multiple small apps at once).

All that said, though these scenarios have been discussed in the past, I don't have a solution in mind :)

On 2011-01-24, at 8:38 AM, Todorova, Katya wrote:

> Hi, 
> As subsystems are getting more and more used nowadays, here comes the logical question how to provision them in a standard way. 
> Eclipse Virgo using subsystems to model its runtime is one example. Currently, it is very hard to install and even harder to update a particular Virgo subsystem with existing p2 tools.
> Subsystem concept (rfc152) is not supposed to define initial provisioning process. Do you think p2 should be aware of subsystem existence and could fill that "gap"? 
> Thanks in advance for your comments, 
> Katya
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