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[p2-dev] Executable update with p2



We are developing an application where we have to modify native launcher  (f.e. eclipse.exe and corresponding eclipse*.dll).


I have a question according to p2 update: how to force p2 update to download and apply these changes to currently installed products (when .exe and .dll files change)?

(how to prepare p2 repository to achieve it?)

(we are generating repository with ant task (because of obfuscating and signing plugins during product generation)

(we performing p2 update with p2 API)


We use eclipse 3.5.1 RCP version.

(we noticed 3.6 p2 API changed form 3.5 - does it contain helpful feature for the topic?)


Thanks in advance,

Mariusz Florek



1. Where can I find technical documentation do p2 API, repository files content, repository generation etc.?

2. Will be p2 update possible when we port from 3.5 to 3.6 product?