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[p2-dev] How can the product publisher use java profiles ?

Hi all,
As you know, during product publishing a JRE configuration unit is generated to export a standard set of java packages which installable units may require. However, the default JRE unit exports all the packages with version ‘0.0.0’ which does not suit me.  I want to publish a product along with a java profile file which specifies the exact versions I need.
Judging by the code, publishing has support to load such a profile from a specified location (see JREAction class for reference) but I cannot find any entry point from the product publisher application (in the current case, I need to run the application, not call the publisher API programmatically) or from the product definition file to pass such a profile. Can you tell me if there is a common way to do that ?
Thanks and regards,
Shenol Yousouf
SAP Labs Bulgaria