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Re: [p2-dev] p2ql wiki page


I'm writing:

(a) to provide some hopefully constructive feedback on p2ql, and

(b) because there were two aspects of the p2ql we had to work out for ourselves and if they're documented, we couldn't find them.  :)  I'm writing to confirm our understanding so that we can update the p2ql wiki page with these bits if that is necessary.



We liked p2ql because it separates the concerns of querying for IUs from what you do with the IUs after you've queried for them really cleanly.  It also feels like a natural compliment to our existing API--by adding abstraction that makes common querying use cases simple.


We couldn't find anywhere in either the bug report nor on the Wiki that described how external Java objects are bound into p2ql.  Here's my current understanding:

Have I got that straight?  Am I missing anything?