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[p2-dev] how to make p2 install fail gracefully

Hi all,

Is there some way that I can force a p2 install to fail gracefully
when there is an attempt to use the update manager to install some
features in a read-only directory?

Longer explanation:

Groovy-Eclipse installs with a feature patch for jdt.core.  When the
install directory is read-only, the installation fails, but in
unpredictable ways.  Sometimes the installation itself is
"successful", but the features fail to load on restart (and worse,
sometimes this causes JDT to fail to load).

So, I would like p2 to generate an error message and abort the
installation if it detects that the install directory is read only.

Of course, I'd prefer to be able to successfully install even when
read-only, but my thinking is that the graceful failure is an easier