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Re: [p2-dev] Documentation: How to setup p2 to provision custom osgi platform

However i just do not seem to find any documentation of how do i start using equinox p2 to provisioning all the layers of the our osgi platform. The documentation i found was mostly about how to you start eclipse using p2 equinox or how do you install/uninstall/stop/start/update bundles on the eclipse platform. I am using equinox but i want more control in defining my own set of bundles that constitute the osgi platform on top of which i provided other layers.

I agree that there could/should be more doc but am a little unclear on which doc in particular you need.  Seems like you want to look for stuff related to the Director app and Ant tasks.  See the help doc here (director application)

1. Is there any documentation which de-links eclipse from p2 and just tells how to use p2 as a provisioning system to just bring up either pre-configured equinox or custom configured platform?

2. I was not able to find much information on the console commands for provisioning using p2. Any link would be highly appreciated.

Yeah, there does not seem to be much around.  I fyou have the p2.console bundle installed and type help you should get a very (very) short help on each command.  These are not generally "end-user" so not a lt of effort has gone into doc.

3. The admin UI tool download link provided on http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_Getting_Started_Admin_UI directs me to a page where there is no link to download (it must have been moved to some other location). It will be great if anyone can provide the updated URL

They are part of every equinox build.  For example, 
see the section marked "p2 Provisioning Tools" (twist the little arrow to see the downloads).