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Re: [p2-dev] ECF p2 repos are missing

So is this a problem of repo stability?  Seems like all ECF (whatever project) consumers would have a problem if there is reduction in the stability or durability of the project repos.  Personally I encourage all projects to declare and maintain repo durability and URI stability models that facilitate their consumer usecases.  If repos are moving and disappearing randomly, the project will be seen as unstable or hard to adopt and consumers will just go away.  

Do we expect that this will be an ongoing problem?


On 2010-10-22, at 4:29 PM, Kim Moir wrote:

It looks like the ECF team reorganized their repos and the bundles that we consume in our build are no longer available.

I opened this bug with the ECF team.

Until they fix this issue, I'll modify our build to consume the ECF bundles from our own repositories.

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