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[p2-dev] Is it possible to to mark a bundle as started from its containing feature’s p2.inf?

I have an Eclipse feature which includes several bundles. I want to
tell p2 to mark one of those bundles as started when the feature is
installed. This is possible using the bundles own p2.inf, but I want
to do this at the feature-level rather than the bundle-level (the
bundle in question is third-party, and I'd prefer not to modify it in
any way, if possible).

Some research has led me to,

which suggests that it should be possible to move the configure
instructions to the containing feature's p2.inf. Unfortunately I can't
work out how to express the directive(s).

Any pointers would be very welcome. The is with Eclipse Equinox
Galileo (3.5.2) ... answers relating to Helios would also be very



Miles Sabin
tel: +44 7813 944 528
gtalk: miles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
skype: milessabin

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