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[p2-dev] p2 repo, and fragment


I'm creating and publishing a p2 repo with the feature and bundles
publisher application, in order to do headless builds and resolve
build/compile dependencies. 

   java -jar
  -metadataRepository file:/<some location>/repository
  -artifactRepository file:/<some location>/repository
  -source /<location with a plugin and feature directory>
  -configs gtk.linux.x86

It works fine for publishing bundles, but, in the source directory, I've
also a fragment (org.eclipse.ercp.swt.win32_1.3.0 ws/win32/abc.jar). This
fragment is not published to the p2 repo.

Did not find anything about that: How can I publish the fragment to my p2
repo?, or alternatively: can I fake the p2 repo, configuring it manually,
to contain the fragment? How must it look like? Actually, I only have
exactly one fragment extending my host bundle.

Thank you.


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