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Re: [p2-dev] How to query feature's plugins/IUs from p2 metadata?

You might want to have a look at the b3.aggregator [1] that we use to put Helios together. It will give you a lot of this functionality. It will not modify its sources though, instead it creates new meta-data.

The b3 aggregator features things like detailed view of meta-data, category management, exclusions, and a lot of other "repository management stuff".


Thomas Hallgren

On 05/26/2010 11:13 PM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:
Thanks for sharing these details. These are very interesting functionalities, a few of which overlap with what the agent [1] (aka admin UI) does today or use to do in the now defunct (but hopefully soon to be resurrected analysis bundle (org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.ui.analysis)). 

On 2010-05-26, at 2:01 AM, <Mika.Immonen@xxxxxxxxx> <Mika.Immonen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Some of its features include
-          Adding IU

-          Modifying IU
Since IUs are meant to be immutable, I'm not a big fan of this idea unless the IU version is being changed. What do you have in mind there?

-          Deleting IU ( including deleting obsolete IUs from the repositories safely, e.g. taking care of dependencies etc.)
Definitely interesting. Though again this will have to be used with big "warnings" around it since you don't want to pull out things that are no longer used.

-          Category management

-          Other repository management stuff

At the moment I would like to show to the users detailed information about different IUs that they have selected from the GUI.
Currently we are showing the basic stuff like repository name, IU name, IU version etc.
We have some code that shows some of this in the admin UI (see attached screenshot)

Now I would like to show which IUs from the repository actually belongs to (are part of) the selected IU (or feature) .
Just like they were previously listed in the feature.xml file, when feature’s plugins were listed inside <plugins> -tag.
The p2.ui bundle contains some logic for this. You should be able to reuse or copy the composite or viewer that we are using there. It can be tweaked by the Policy class.
I think we use to have that in the analysis bundle but I'm not sure.

>Relying on the shape of the metadata can only get you so far since the mapping between features and metadata is not API and could be changed in the future.
We are quite familiar with the P2 API. I have been following its progress closely since early 2009 and tested its functionality quite much. The lack of decent
documentation / use cases has been a bit of concern to our development team. Fortunately it has been improved over these Eclipse 3.6 M? and RC? releases.
Which sort of doc would you like to see being added?
I agree that it is not reasonable to rely on structure of the p2 metadata file. The QueryUtil (from import org.eclipse.equinox.p2.query.QueryUtil package)
and its functionality seems a good starting point to retrieve different information from the metadata but I have not quite figured it out yet, thus
my question here.
Can we use QueryUtil or what is your opinion how this information should be retrieved?
QueryUtil will definitely help you gather all the IUs that are groups. From there you can get each requirement and run a query with them (e.g. QueryUtil.createMatchQuery(req.getMatches())). This is more or less what the PermissiveSlicer and the Slicer are doing.

Hope this help, 


Best Regards, Mika Immonen
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Could you please tell more about what is the final goal?
Relying on the shape of the metadata can only get you so far since the mapping between features and metadata is not API and could be changed in the future.
On 2010-05-25, at 6:53 AM, <Mika.Immonen@xxxxxxxxx> <Mika.Immonen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd need to query plugins that belong to a certain feature (defined with <plugin>-elements on feature.xml).
My current functionality gets the requirements with org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.getRequirements() method and then removes those requirements that are not found as installable units on repository.
Drawback of this approach is it lists even those requirements that are not listed as <plugin> in the feature.xml.
The query also lists feature itself not just the plugins. Features seem to have (org.eclipse.update.install.features=true) filter defined on metadata, but can I trust that all features have it and no plugin will have it?
So in short: is it possible to get a listing of <plugin> elements defined for a feature?
Best regards,
Mika Immonen, Senior Software Developer
Tieto Finland Oy, R&D Services
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