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[p2-dev] Serialized queries hard to read


While working on a solution to prevent RAP and the IDE to be installed together (306709), I met the serialized format of queries and I find that extremely unreadable (see example below). On top of that I'm also questioning the ability for this format to compress has good as before.

So my few questions are:
	1) can we make this format more readable ?
	2) does this compress as good as before?
	3) is parsing as fast as before?

        <required match='providedCapabilities.exists(x | x.name == $0 &amp;&amp; x.namespace == $1 &amp;&amp; x.version &gt;= $2 &amp;&amp; x.version &lt; $3)' matchParameters='[&apos;org.eclipse.rap.rwt&apos;, &apos;org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu&apos;, version(&apos;1.0.0&apos;), version(&apos;2.0.0&apos;)]' min='0' max='0' greedy='false'/>