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[p2-dev] GSOC on Mancoosi / p2

As you may have noticed, a student has volunteered on GSOC project relating to p2 and Mancoosi.  Here is some context on where this is coming from.

Last summer Daniel, Roberto DiCosmo's team (Mancoosi project) and I met in Paris to discuss the intersection of p2 and Mancoosi. It was clear that a collaboration would be beneficial for both projects, however we failed at finding time in our agendas to work together. We are seeing GSOC as an opportunity to finally work together and improve the exchange of ideas between our two projects. The topics we are hoping to get started on this summer are:
- Expressiveness of the CUDF format.
- p2 / OSGi metadata translation to CUDF
- Collection of metadata from eclipse instances to submit to the dependency resolver competition
- Applicability of the Mancoosi / EDOS research results to the eclipse ecosystem.
- Mining of the data obtained in the context of the analysis of p2 repositories and comparison with Linux repos.

And all results will be contributed to both projects.