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[p2-dev] Upgrades through ProfileChangeRequest

I have a pretty simple use case I believe.  I want to install an
artifact via a ProfileChangeRequest and if an earlier version of that
artifact already exists, I want to remove the old version and install
the new version.

For some reason, I thought all I had to do was mark the addition to
the PCR, hand it to the IDirector and it would figure out the upgrade
(that is, add a removal action for the old version).  I realize that
doesn't work -- at least not as I am doing it now -- but isn't there
some way to tell P2 (via requirements, maybe?) to perform the upgrade?

Unless I'm missing something, it is up to the developer to search
through their repositories and mark the old versions as removals in
the PCR.  Seems like this is a pretty basic use case.