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[p2-dev] API changes after API freeze

Please note that we now have the apitools detecting any API changes which occur after M6 (the API freeze). See http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/drops/N20100321-2000/apitools/report.html

You will notice that we have some API changes detected in p2 bundles that I see no bug reports for and certainly have had no PMC approval for. Note that adding @noreference is considered an API change and will be reflected as such in the report. We must get bugs opened for any of these changes and get PMC approvals. The @noreference changes seem reasonable to me because the methods in question reference internal types so client should never reference the methods anyway. But again, we will need a bug report opened so we can discuss the change and record the necessary PMC approval. The other change is the complete removal of the class org.eclipse.equinox.p2.repository.tools.analyzer.RepositoryAnalyzer. There was no bug report opened for this and no discussion with the PMC to remove this class. We must get PMC approval for any API changes that will be reflected in our api freeze report.