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[p2-dev] ExceptionInInitializerError in QueryUtil

When I use the QueryUtil class I get and ExceptionInInitializerError exception caused by this exception:

Thread [ModalContext] (Suspended (exception ExpressionParseException))        
        ExpressionParser.parseBinary() line: 210        
        ExpressionParser.parseAnd() line: 145        
        ExpressionParser.parseOr() line: 131        
        ExpressionParser.parseCondition() line: 127        
        ExpressionParser.parseQuery(String) line: 113        
        ExpressionUtil.parseQuery(String) line: 75        
        ExpressionQuery<T>.<init>(Class<? extends T>, String, Object[]) line: 34        
        QueryUtil.createQuery(String, Object[]) line: 439        
        QueryUtil.<clinit>() line: 32 [local variables unavailable]        
        J9VMInternals.initializeImpl(Class) line: not available [native method]        
        J9VMInternals.initialize(Class) line: 194        

Any ideas why this is happening?  (this is 3.6M6)