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[p2-dev] Wednesday test pass - UI manual tests

I've updated the manual UI smoke tests [1] for this week's test pass.
The test matrix shows the platforms/groups used in the last test. Please update this list if you are now running a different platform.

Areas of Emphasis:
1 - The repository event handling has changed and we are looking for any flicker or other bad behavior in the repo selection (Work With) box in "Install New Software...".
* Ensure that you go back and forth in the wizard, change combo selections, add combos via typing, dragging, pasting, using the "Add..." button, and using the preferences.
* Switch to different repositories in the combo. If you have to wait for a repo to load (you see "Pending..."), try filtering, cancelling, changing checkboxes while this is happening
* Annotate Bug 299586 with any findings.
2 - Linux Users - if you are using GTK 2.18 (ie, Ubuntu 9.10) look for any oddities involving blank dialogs or wizard pages, things not repainting as expected, missing widgets
3 - Please annotate Bug 277265 if you see any problems with the Finish button enabling when installing.

Links to relevant bugs and test repos are on the wiki page.


[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox/p2/UI_Manual_Tests