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[p2-dev] No build and compile errors in the branch

Because of a variety of problems that occurred in the regular build and then incomplete changes that have been made, I have not been able to produce a build last week. This is annoying and worrying.
At this point I'm being held back by problems in the org.eclipse.ui.ide bundle:
- The manifest has invalid ranges on org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core
- The following compile errors:
The constructor FileInfoMatcherDescription(String, Object) is undefined ResourceFilterGroup.java Java Problem /org.eclipse.ui.ide/src/org/eclipse/ui/internal/ide/dialogs line 1621
Type mismatch: cannot convert from IFileInfoMatcherDescription to FileInfoMatcherDescription UIResourceFilterDescription.java Java Problem /org.eclipse.ui.ide/src/org/eclipse/ui/internal/ide/dialogs line 48

Can someone with appropriate commit rights on this bundle fix these issues, tag and release so we can get a crack at producing another build.