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[p2-dev] Using p2 director to update

Is there a way to update features using the p2 director without doing an uninstall and install.  I was testing this with a simple hello world feature which contained one plugin.  In the IDE, this worked.  I had a feature w/ 1.0.0 version and a plugin within that feature with a 1.0.0 version.  I exported it and installed it.  I then modified that feature w/ 1.0.1 version and a plugin with a 1.0.1 version.  I exported it and was able to install it.  I noticed the old feature got removed, but not the plugin.  This did not work through p2 director.  I get a message saying only one feature can be installed at once.  Also, when I do an uninstall of a feature through the IDE, it doesn't remove the plugin.  But if I do an uninstall through the p2 director, it removes the plugin.  Why is the behavior between the IDE and p2 director different?