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Re: [p2-dev] p2: Migration question for large scale Eclipse deployment

that helps a lot for my first steps. Pulse sounds promising, but it is not available for Solaris :-( I had contact with Todd Williams about that already.

I figure the bundles.info should go into a user configuration tree (starting Eclipse with the -configuration option), right?

Thanks for your help!

Tim Webb wrote on 2009-10-21 16:30:
So, regarding your original question, if you look at the configuration of the Eclipse 3.5 IDE installation you download from eclipse.org, you will see various p2 files including a bundles.info definition.  The bundles.info file provides equivalent functionality (at a plug-in level) to what was done in the platform.xml file previously.  It is possible to use the bundles.info file to tell the 3.5 runtime what set of bundles are required for the OSGi environment to start up correctly.  If you were to have the bundles you need on the NFS partition you refer to, you would then configure the appropriate p2/bundles.info files to have the right setup.  There are some APIs you could use including the p2 director to help automate this though I'll admit that the flexibility of p2 and the power the platform provides can be a bit overwhelming when first sitting down to use it.