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Re: [p2-dev] breaking change in provisional API - IServiceUI

On Fri, Oct 02, 2009 at 08:30:26AM -0700, Susan Franklin McCourt wrote:
> I've now got the original problem and test case problems fixed, but at the
> cost of a provisional API change that breaks implementors of IServiceUI.  I
> think the changes are good ones, but realize my timing is random.  If this
> poses a problem, I can back out all three changes before the next I-build
> and wait for a later time.  Please let me know via this list or any of the
> referenced bug reports if this poses a problem.

This is just an FYI; your change doesn't cause me any problem because
we pick up new p2 builds infrequently, and I knew I was using a
provisional interface :-)

I did find myself needing to provide an IServiceUI.  In our previous
EUM implementation we had a custom site type, and one of the purposes
was to provide a more helpful login dialog for our password-protected
update site; e.g. it includes more information on what password you're
being asked for, and where to go if you don't have one.  I was able to
do this in p2 without having to provide a custom site.  Instead I have
a higher-priority IServiceUI, and it passes requests for other URLs
through to the next default service.

Daniel Jacobowitz