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[p2-dev] those wacky ntlm proxies


Regrettably, I wasn't able to attend today's p2 meeting, and didn't see anything in the minutes about the ntlm proxy on httpclient issue (i.e. as represented by bug https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=252002).

I'm assuming, based upon comments toward the end of that bug, that the httpclient disablement workaround put in place by Henrik and myself is working (at least for several ntlm proxy users)...and I'm assuming that everything is in place for this workaround to be in the Galileo maintenance release (as well as on Helios stream).

If this is incorrect, or anything else is needed to make it correct, please let me know.

If these assumptions are correct, then I'm inclined to:

1) Mark bug 252002 as resolved. Through technical conversations with Francis Upton and others, it seems now very unlikely that the apache httpclient provider will/can be modified to support NTLM, so I think the workaround now in place will have to serve in this regard (i.e. for httpclient provider).

2) Open a new enhancement to create a provider that supports ntml proxy interaction directly. Francis Upton and I discussed this strategy while at the Google EclipseDay, and it seems like the best option for Helios and beyond (especially given the existing providers to start from).