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Re: [p2-dev] P2 Support for Native Binary Installs

I don't have any examples to point to - but here are some bits of info...

The IU's operate on Touchpoints, and there is a native touchpoint as well as an eclipse touchpoint. The native touchpoint has actions for things like unzipping, and copying files.
There is no touchpoint action that runs external actions - but it is easily created (look at the Link native touchpoint action for instance).
When you use custom touchpoint actions, you have two options - the user must already have the touchpoint action installed when they provision something that makes use of the action, or, you can use the meta requirements (the replacement for "install handlers") which allows you to specify that something needs to be installed prior to installing the rest.

On Sep 9, 2009, at 7:48 PM, O'Flynn, Dennis wrote:

First, kudos to all involved with P2.  You all have created a very powerful framework for provisioning.  Thanks!
P2 has been very helpful in provisioning Eclipse IUs (features, plugins, etc…).  I would like to begin using it to provision non-Eclipse IUs such as native binary installations (ie: MSI, InstallAnywhere).  The idea is to use P2 to transport the native binary installer and invoke a custom touchpoint to invoke the native installer.
I have read that P2 can be extended to support non-Eclipse IUs.  Has anyone tried this?  Any resources (blogs, articles) of reference would be appreciated.
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