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[p2-dev] resetting the configuration area

Hi all,

We repeatably run into an issue since we enabled p2 in our product:

What many developers/testers do here is changing the default
configuration area by passing an option to the startup executable:
"-configuration /tmp/myConfig"

But many do not specify an additional subfolder like:
"/tmp/myConfig/configuration" !

Thus, they run into some problems:
Because folders/files will be created here:
 @config/../ (which is in the case above: /tmp/ !)

a p2 folder will be created there - Of course we can change that
behavior in the config.ini file.
However when one installs additional features/plugins they will be
stored here "@config/../" no matter where the users p2 folder is
being located.

The only solution for us, so far, is to specify the configuration area
by adding a sub folder: "-configuration /tmp/myConfig/conf".

Is this the only solution to get rid of this problem?
Do we have any possibilities to customize our product in a way so we
can get rid of this problem?
- we can change the location of the user's p2 folder - OK
- Whats with the artifacts.xml which is being created here @config/../
- and additional installed software  (features/plugins) ??

It would be great if someone can help me on this or can at least point
me to a better suitable place to ask for this issue.

Thanks for any hints,