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[p2-dev] p2 fails to update without any error

Hi all,
we have used successfully p2 to update more some RCP products.
In one case this fails regularly (and without any error).
The steps, in all cases, are:
- create the plugins
- create a feature project to gather the plugins
- create the p2.inf file in the application plugin with the update location
- create a feature-based Product configuration
- export the product
- copy the product folder to the installation location
then we introduce modifications in the plugins and re-export the product after having increased the version of both the feature project and the product.
At this point the installed product is able to perform the update successfully.

In one case however it happens this:
- the installed product recognize that there is an update
- it performs the update (usual update wizard, download, asking for restart) and restarts itself
- after the restart however the updates do not appear
- at this point checking for updates says that there are no update

The whole process happens without an error, even the .log file into the folder
does not show any problem.

What we can do? Are there ways to increase the logging details in order to understand what is going wrong during the update?

Thank you very much

Vincenzo Caselli