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Re: [p2-dev] Starting bundles programatically without restarting the system

The code in org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator.ConfigApplier#install does not restart all the bundles. It will only uninstall, install and start the bundles that have changed. However depending on the bundles you are updating and the wiring between all the bundles of the system, more bundles will be stopped, rewired (classloading dependency) and restarted. This is how OSGi works (see the PackageAdmin#refreshPackages). For example if you were to replace the eclipse extension registry in your SDK you would take most of the system down because of its central role, however if for example you are just installing a new SCM provider you don't have to restart the system.

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[p2-dev] Starting bundles programatically without restarting the system


We have successfully integrated p2 to our wso2 products. We are now trying to see whether it is possible to hot install the features. i.e. once through p2 the feature is installed without restarting the equinox framework is it possible to programatically start the new bundles. Can this be done in current implementation? a workaround perhaps?

I've debugged through the existing ui code in Galileo and found the following code
           Configurator configurator = (Configurator) ServiceHelper.getService(Activator.getContext(), Configurator.class.getName());
I've included and tried the above code but seems to stop and start all bundles in the system rather than only the new ones. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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