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[p2-dev] How to clean up P2 metadata

Our product composes of the main product and a documentation extension site. Prior to P2 I used one link file under "eclipse/links" folder to include the documentation extension site.

Every release of the product ships a new doc extension site containing updated doc updates. The same Eclipse IDE can be re-targeted to pick up from different doc sites. The link file is updated by our product installer to point to right doc site.

With P2, there is a problem. For example I have three releases of doc sites - site1, site2 and site3. Later release has new version for the same docs' plugins.

At first, P2 generates the metadata (bundles.info) for site1. After I switch to site2 P2 generates metadata for site2 but leave site1 bundles there. After I switch to site3, I got three sites metadata all in the bundles.info.

Now I see my documentations messed up with old and new release. Old docs which are deprecated in newer release still show up, while updated docs from newer release always overwrite the same docs from older release which mean I can't go back to the older release doc set.

Considering every time when I switch my release I restart Eclipse, is there a way I can force P2 to clean up its metadata and re-calculate so it always pick up the right doc extension site?