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Re: [p2-dev] HOWTO: use <p2.mirror><slicingOptions filter="..."/></p2.mirror> ?

> Is there a slicing option to NOT download all the deps and only grab the
> specified IUs?
The closest is followStrict="true", with this the slicer won't bring down things required with a version range, only requirements on a specific version like [1.0.0.v1234,1.0.0.v1234]. In the case of bundles, there generally aren't any such requirements (Bundle-Requires, and Import-Package are ranges). In the case of features, this is the things included by the feature, but not the required things.

Perfect, that's exactly what I needed.

Now the download is 15M (including the .blobstore), 13M when zipped. I've updated the wiki example too, but the full script is CVS hasn't refreshed yet.


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