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[p2-dev] HOWTO: use <p2.mirror><slicingOptions filter="..."/></p2.mirror> ?

I've looked high and low and can't find an example of <slicingOptions filter="..."/>, only platformfilter="win32,win32,x86" and similar.

help.eclipse.org only says:

> Set additional filter properties. Format is a comma separated
> list of "key=value" pairs.

But what should one put in there? I'm trying to mirror a subset of a set of repos and extract ONLY the features/plugins with "*svn*" in their name (featureid, pluginid, or filename). Is that possible w/ the filters option?

Or is there some other way, like using p2.repo2runnable instead of p2.mirror? (I'd prefer a repo, but I'll settle for a runnable if I can't mirror and filter.)


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