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RE: [p2-dev] How to install the launcher during the initial provisioning

Hi Helmut,

Thanks for the answer.

But I am not sure what you mean.
I do have the delta packs installed, that's why I can export the product
and get a layout like this in the directory I exported to:


I used the default settings to export the product itself. To install the
plugins I use the director application and point it to the repository
directory. Otherwise it would not even consider installing anything.
In that directory there is no launcher eclipse.exe, so I am wondering if
there is any p2.inf magic that I need to use to get these files installed
too, as they seem to be outside of the repository and I can not get them
into this directory.

Well I am new to p2 and therefore it might very well be possible that I did
some obviously silly error.


On Thu, 16 Jul 2009 09:36:18 +0200, "Haigermoser, Helmut"
<Helmut.Haigermoser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ciao Carsten :)
> Launchers are included in the deltapack, did you include that one in
> your build?
> HTH,
> Ciao, hh 
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> Hello, 
> for quite some days now I am trying to setup the simple RCP Mail product
> with P2 and it seems I can't figure out how to include the launcher in
> the repository. 
> What I got after some fiddling is a repository with all the plugins and
> Jars I need for P2 to allow me to install it from somewhere else. So far
> so good. 
> But I can not get the launcher to be installed alongside the plugins. 
> If I copy the launcher and the companion libs to the newly downloaded
> installation everything works. 
> Is there any documentation (which I am just too blind to find) that
> explains how to include some additional files to the repository and have
> them installed during the normal directory.app installations? 
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks, Carsten
> PS: Tried at first the equinox-dev mailing list, but was adviced to try
> here.
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